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Head of County Level Operations & Networks

Report to: National Coordinator


Compassionate Peace Foundation (CPF) Inc. is a nongovernmental, non-for-profit, non-religious organization, established to promote Compassion, as a principle for real and Sustainable Peace, through Expressions, community Actions and partnerships for Change.

The Mission of the Organization is to Nurture from grassroots to national; Networks of people, determined for Peace, Reconciliation and Nation Building through selfless Actions, cooperation and the Empowerment of others.


Ø Build Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation through compassionate Actions and Collaboration.

Ø Empower people and communities - Socially and Economically.

Ø Provide quality and affordable Education for Children and Youth

We hopes to correct the pointless experiences of strive, war, and the lack of coexistence among people of diverse backgrounds through selfless actions and collaboration.

Job Purpose

The County Representative provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the operation of the organization at County levels. He/she has the overall responsibility for the achievement the organization’s vision, mission and objectives at local levels, in consultation with the National Coordinator.

The Rep will play a key role in the planning and development of County specific programs, and overseeing implementations; reviewing and monitoring of the all activities. He/she is responsible for recruiting new volunteers, planning new initiatives, and building partnerships and maintaining local networks.

The County Rep is responsible for the promotion of fundraising initiatives, ensuring the smooth running of community level initiatives, including Peace Circles and Community Forums.

This position is currently VOLUNTARY, contingent on availability of funding. The incumbent will have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow within a new vision; while building personal capacities and expanding his/her professional networks.


Specific Responsibilities:

- Be a Liberian and based in the County you applied for.

- Identify and recruit new local staff and volunteers, in consultation with the National Coordinator.

- Provide leadership for the dissemination of the organization’s values, vision and mission.

- Be able to gather specific data on current socio-economic context of target communities.

- Be able or willing to represent the organization at local meetings, conferences, forums and other national public events.

- Contribute towards consolidating and raising the profile of the organization at public gatherings.

- Be able to network, develop relationships and build alliances with other civil society in your county, who are working in common cause with CFP’s objectives.

- Provide continuous monitoring and support to field offices and existing local projects and coordinate programme reviews, evaluations.

- Provide timely updates and reports to the National Coordinator

- Coordinate the production of good quality funding proposals and respWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ond to call for proposals

Minimum Requirements

- Minimum High School Graduate. A Degree in social sciences, Management, development studies, strategic/programme management, or other related studies are encouraged.

- Experience in community service, volunteering and related non-profit or community organizing initiatives a plus.

- Some working experience in program development, implementation and evaluation is important (not mandatory).

- Familiarity with national Peace and Reconciliation Programs, Youth Development Initiatives are also a plus.

- Excellent interpersonal & negotiation skills, ability to lead and build a team.

- Ability to communicate a vision, make timely and transparent decisions, solve problems and manage conflict.

Other Relevant Skills

• Computer Literate or able to use computer with Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

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